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If you are looking for the right business broker to sell your business, read the following statements.

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Professional Business Brokers, Inc. was founded for the purpose of serving the business community in Florida. We have rapidly earned a reputation for our high ethical standards and our results. PBBI is one of the largest small market business brokers in Florida.

Over 50 years of combined business and financial experience enable the team to analyze your business in the context of industry, the local market and its market appeal. We will walk you through the complex legal traps, contract issues, tax complications and market forces that may affect your sale.

Professional Business Brokers has trained specialists working together as a team. Your Account Representative works closely with you, your accountant and your attorney to sell your business. A computerized analysis, along with comparable sale information, can be utilized to arrive at a realistic market price. We even have two Certified Business Valuation Specialists on staff.

PBBI is a member of the Business Brokers of Florida (BBF), International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), The Florida Society of Accounting and Tax Professionals and The American Association of Business Valuation Specialists. The BBF has a computerized multi-list service that allows your business to be seen by hundreds of member brokers and thousands of prospective buyers. All qualified buyers must sign a Standard Disclosure Statement before confidential information is provided, thus ensuring your clients, employees and suppliers no disruption by "window shoppers."

What do we do to market your business?
Every business needs a little different approach to its marketing campaign. We use a variety of ways to reach the right buyer for your business. We place ads in local papers and national papers and trade publications in the US. You can find our listings on many businesses for sale websites on the internet. And more then 10,000 visitors per month visit our websites. (The site only is visited by more then 4000 European visitors / prospective buyers monthly). We also use brochures, printed- and webpresentations to match your business with the right buyer.

The International Sales Office in Europe places ads in papers, trade publications and magazines in the different European countries. The PBBI International Office was established specifically for this purpose and to assist international buyers to find and buy a business in the US. We also place banners on the most important search engines to generate more traffic to our websites and in this way contact more buyers.

Many European business owners are not happy with a United Europe and consider to move to the US. Others are looking to buy a company in the US to spread their risk.

So, if you are looking for a reliable business broker with twice as much buyers (the US and European market), contact us