Buyer information
Contact Professional Business Brokers for more information on the business in which you have an interest and we will promptly respond to your request. PBBI offers a unique service providing immigration assistance to the USA through business acquisitions.

We provide immigration and visa assistance for international buyers.
The PBBI International Office was established specifically for this purpose. We will be able to assist you better because we understand both European and American business mentality. We will guide you through all possible problems and misunderstandings. And because we are only dealing with the international buyers we can spend more time to your requests. See also our FAQ page for more info.

If you are a US buyer interested to buy a business in Florida, we will forward your request to our Florida offices.

We have businesses for sale from $50,000 to $10,000,000. Many businesses are Lender Pre-Qualified or have seller financing available. Businesses Available Statewide
Send an e-mail to Professional Business Brokers for more information on the Statewide businesses for sale and we will promptly respond to your request. Please include in your e-mail:

All information listed is approximate and should be verified.. No prospect shall receive the name of any listed firm until the Standard Disclosure Statement is signed by the prospect. All listings herein are exclusive to the listing office as to the date of submission. Buyers, Sellers and Brokers should be aware that this list is subject to listings by a specific type of agency as defined by the Florida Statute 475. Brokers should be aware that all of the following businesses are not available to all types of agencies.

Contact us today to discuss the possibilities of buying a business in the US and to apply for a visa.