Businesses For Sale
Professional Business Brokers was founded in 1991 for the purpose of serving the business community in Florida and is one of the largest small market business brokers in Florida. The PBBI international office in the Netherlands was established for the purpose of assisting international (European) buyers. This because most business brokers are not knowledgeable about immigration affairs and are not interested in working with international buyers. See also our FAQ

At this moment we offer over 4000 businesses for sale. Not all listed business will qualfy for a visa, so Contact us for more information or go to the search engine and send us the listing(s) you are interested in.

During the years, all our clients received a visa to run their business, some examples of the businesses that qualified for an E2 or L1 visa are: Restaurant, bagelshop, cleaning, pool service, motel, lawn service, limousine / taxi service, mailbox / postal service, deli, gas station, staffing, icecream, interior design, pizzeria, laundry, jewelry shop, manufacturer, hair salon, contractor, retail store, marine rental, distibution, consulting, property mgm. and many more. You can also read our testimonials for businesses that qualified for a visa.

We can also assist you in other States if required, Contact us for more information.